Amplus DNA Polymerase

cat. no. E2900

Amplus DNA Polymerase is a modified and optimized thermostable enzymes blend containing Thermus sp. DNA polymerase, Pyrococcus sp. DNA polymerase and the polymerase-enhancing factor. A unique composition of the amplification buffer enables effective buffering of pH at high temperatures and allows to achieve robust yield from long genomic targets. The polymerase amplifies efficiently large genomic DNA fragments from 3 kb to over 25 kb and episomal fragments up to 40 kb. It also provides reliable amplification of smaller fragments (as small as 0.1 kb). The enzymes blend is especially suitable for eukaryotic genome amplification, cloning and analysis. Ideal for genome mapping and sequencing by greatly simplifying contig assembly from large amplification products. Enables characterization of cloned sequences in lambda phages and cosmids. Improves PCR results with critical templates, such as containing GC-rich regions.