NG dART RT kit

cat. no. E0801

NG dART RT kit is first strand cDNA synthesis kit convenient for two step RT-PCR. Kit is based on modified reverse transcriptase with improved thermostability (up to 65°C) and processivity. Has easy to use format to save time and limit the possibility of pipeting errors.

NG dART RT kit allows to amplify DNA from any RNA with high specificity and sensitivity. NG dART RT mix contains dART reverse transcriptase and RNase Inhibitor. 5X NG cDNA buffer contains optimized for RT buffer and dNTPs. cDNA synthesis is performed in the first step using either total RNA or poly(A) +-RNA primed with oligo(dT), random hexamers primers or reverse gene specific primer. The second step, in separate tube is PCR where cDNA is a template and specific primers are used to amplify double-stranded DNA of interest using the polymerase of choice. We strongly recommend using high fidelity OptiTaq DNA Polymerase (E2600-01) or OptiTaq PCR Master Mix (2x) (E2910-01).