HLA Taq DNA Polymerase

cat. no. E2717


  • HLA Taq DNA Polymerase is a specially formulated enzyme for HLA SSP typing using commercially available kits.
  • HLA Taq DNA Polymerase is a new generation “hot start” enzyme that is blocked at moderate temperatures and allows room temperature reaction setup.
  • The polymerase activity is restored during normal cycling conditions.
  • Use of HLA Taq DNA Polymerase allows for the increase of PCR specificity, sensitivity and yield in comparison to the conventional PCR assembly method.
  • Automatic “hot start” PCR is a fast and convenient method when assembling multiple PCR reactions.
  • Both increased specificity and reduced mispriming improve multiplex PCR.
  • Thermostable HLA Taq DNA Polymerase replicates DNA at 72°C and exhibits a half-life of 40 min at 95°C.
  • Catalyzes the polymerization of nucleotides into duplex DNA in the 5’→3′ direction in the presence of magnesium ions.
  • Contains the 5’→3′ exonuclease activity.
  • Lacks the 3’→5′ exonuclease activity.
  • Adds extra A at the 3′ ends.