GeneMAGNET Magic Beads

cat. no. E3400

GeneMAGNET Magic Beads are silica coated superparamagnetic particles for nucleic acid purification. This product can be used in nucleic acids isolation (dsDNA/ssDNA/RNA) and PCR clean up. Suitable for manual and automatic applications. GeneMAGNET Magic Beads are characterized by high DNA/RNA binding capacity (>20 μg DNA/mg beads).

Concentration: 50 mg/ml

Very good А260/А280 ratio of the isolates (1.7-1.9).

GeneMAGNET Magic Beads bind nucleic acids under high salt/ethanol and are used in combination with GeneMAGNET nucleic acid extraction buffers.

Magnetic beads are suspended in the storage buffer and can be used directly for DNA/RNA purification without the additional washing. Recommended working volume for one preparation is 10-20 μl of beads.

Magnetic beads sediment, in order to resuspend the beads shake the bottle vigorously before the use and during the work with beads.

Freezing, overdrying, centrifugation with > 400 x g significantly decrease DNA/RNA binding ability.

Upon arrival store in the fridge (2-8 °C).