Bio-Trace DNA Purification Kit

cat. no. E3510

GeneMATRIX Bio-Trace DNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid purification of total DNA (genomic, mitochondrial) from the traces of biological samples (especially forensic case work samples), examplified by: fresh or frozen blood, blood spot, saliva, semen spots, hair roots and stems, cigarette filters, chewing gum, fragments of tissues, urine.The kit is effective in DNA purification from both fresh samples and dried, many years old or preserved for example in alkohol or formaline. Purified DNA is free of contaminants, such as: proteins, lipids, dyes, detergents, organic inhibitors of enzymatic reactions, buffers, salts, divalent cations, among others. Biological trace sample is solubilized/lysed in the presence of special buffer, which desintegrates remaining tissue- and cellular structures, while preserving integrity and stimulating quantitative recovery of all traces of DNA spontaenously released during progressing decay of older samples. Further, Proteinase K digests contaminating proteins, including stripping-off DNA of all bound proteins, among them nucleases. Optimized buffer and ethanol are added to provide selective conditions for DNA binding during brief centrifugation, while contaminants pass through the GeneMATRIX resin in the spin-column. Traces of contamints remaining on the resin are efficiently removed in two wash steps. High-quality cellular DNA is then eluted in low salt buffer, e.g.: Tris-HCl, TE or water. Isolated DNA is ready for downstream applications without the need for ethanol precipitation.