Micellula DNA Emulsion & Purification Kit

cat. no. E3600

Micellula DNA Emulsion & Purification Kit is designed for setting up DNA-targeted enzymatic reactions (such as PCR reactions), followed by subsequent DNA purification. The kit separates individual template DNA molecules in distinct reaction compartments. This facilitates reactions starting from complex DNA fragment mixtures with partially similar sequence stretches such as complex gene libraries with identical linkers or environmental DNA. Common pitfalls such as formation of chimeric molecules due to non-homologous recombination or runoff-amplification of one single molecule species at the expense of other template molecules are avoided and high sample diversity is maintained throughout the reaction. Following the enzymatic reaction, DNA fragments of sizes from approximately 100 bp to over 15 kb can be obtained in ultra pure form. DNA purification is specifically optimized towards emulsion reactions. Furthermore, effectively removed are contaminants such as: ethidum bromide, primers (below 40 nt), short double-stranded DNA (below 20 bp), RNA, Taq DNA Polymerase, Pfu DNA Polymerase, endo- and exonucleases, DNA-binding and modifying proteins, BSA and other enzymes/proteins, lipids, endotoxins, dyes, detergents, nucleotides, radio- and chemical labels, EDTA, problematic restriction and ligation inhibitors, buffers and salts. The kit contains all reagents required for creating emulsions and for subsequent DNA purification. For the operators maximum flexibility, enzymes are not provided with this kit.