DNA/RNA Extracol Kit

cat. no. E3750

Phenol-based reagent for the isolation of total RNA and DNA from cells and tissues in a set with minicolumns.

The method is based on the extraction of nucleic acids aqueous solutions using organic solvents. After homogenizing the sample with DNA/RNA Extracol, chloroform (or 1-bromo-3-chloropropane) is added, and the homogenate is allowed to separate into a clear upper aqueous layer, an interphase, and a lower organic layer. Separation of nucleic acids between the phases is pH dependent. At pH higher than 6 RNA and DNA remains in the aqueous phase. The highly effective RNase inhibitory property of DNA/RNA Extracol protects the integrity of the DNA/RNA during lysis and results in the isolation of high-quality material. Nucleic acids can be precipitated from the aqueous layer with isopropanol or separeted into DNA and RNA fraction using minicolumns and wash buffers.