Universal kit for DNA isolation with GeDI solution

cat. no. e3765

Ready-to-use Genomic DNA Isolation reagent, mixture of detergents and salts for total DNA isolation from diverse samples.

The method is based on the precipitation of nucleic acids from a cell lysate with ethanol. The sample is homogenized and lysed in a specially composed GeDI solution (which does not contain organic solvents such as phenol) and after addition of ethanol DNA is selectively precipitated from the solution. The pellet solubilized in a special ResSol buffer can be applied on a minicolumn with silica membranes. This allows to increase purity of the isolated DNA and obtain high quality material. The precipitate can also be dissolved in 8 mM NaOH and, after neutralization, directly used for standard molecular and biotechnological applications such as: PCR, molecular cloning, RFLP, Southern blotting, etc.

Universal DNA isolation reagent (GeDI) is available separately (E3760) or as part of a kit (E3765) which contain silica columns, ResSol solution and reagents for additional sample purification.