Anchored Oligo(dT)20 VN Primers

cat. no. E0106

Anchored  Oligo(dT)20 VN  Primer  is  a  primer  mixture consisting  of  a  string  of  20  thymidyne  residues  followed  by dV (either dG, dA, or dC) and then by dN (dA, dT, dG, or dC) at the 3’end.  Due  to  the  variable  end-sequence,  the  primer  is anchored  to  the  5 ́-end  of  the  poly(A)  tail  of  mRNA  and prevents priming within the poly(A) tail.

Anchored  Oligo(dT)20 VN  primers  may  provide  an  advantage over standard oligo(dT) primers when generating cDNA from poly(A)+ RNA and is recommended for use in cDNA labeling protocols.  Primer  is  supplied  in  DEPC-treated  water  at aconcentration of 50 μM (0.3μg/μl).