cat. no. E0358

BeadTubeDry are used to homogenize small portions of soft animal tissues, bacterial or yeast pellets, cell cultures or environmental samples in quantities corresponding to one isolation. Each Eppendorf tube contains two types of glass spheres with 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm diameters. This selection of abrasive material allows to obtain an efficient lysis of gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and yeasts. The regular shape of beads minimizes fragmentation of DNA/RNA obtained. Fragmentation of the material is achieved in a process of shaking/vortexing of the tube with high speed. In most cases, homogenization is carried out in 350-1000 μl of a suitable lysis solution.

To reduce the volume of a foam generated at the shaking stage, antifoaming reagent AFR01 (E0328) can be added to the lysis buffer.