Borrelia qPCR Detection Kit, plus ROX Solution

cat. no. E0451

Borrelia qPCR Detection Kit is a ready-to-use system for the detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in animal tissue samples (tick, mammal).

The kit contains reagents and primers for the amplification of a 153 bp region of the Borrelia genome. The detection of the Borrelia amplicon is based on using the specific FAM-labelled probe.

In addition, the kit contains a second heterologous amplification system to monitor PCR reaction and identify possible PCR inhibition. The inner control consists of exogenous DNA, primers and the HEX-labelled probe. The amplification of the inner control does not interfere with the amplification of the specific Borrelia DNA and confirms PCR reaction correctness.

The specificity of Borrelia qPCR Detection Kit has been confirmed by PCR using purified DNA (source: DSMZ) from: Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia garinii, Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia valaisiana and Borrelia hermsii species.

There are two variants of the kit: without ROX and with ROX Solution provided separately. The use of ROX passive reference dye is necessary for all real-time PCR cyclers from Applied Biosystems and optional for cyclers from Stratagene.