Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase

cat. no. E1110

Extremely thermostable proofreading DNA polymerase blend, formulated for efficient site-directed mutagenesis and synthesis of DNA products up to 20 kb. The enzyme is supplemented with two inert gel tracking dyes. Enhanced performance of PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase allows to use fewer PCR cycles and lower DNA template concentrations when compared to Pfu DNA Polymerase. Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase is recommended for use in high-fidelity PCR, PCR of GC-rich sequences or problematic secondary structures, site-directed mutagenesis and cloning of blunt-ended PCR products. The enzyme is also recommended for general use in PCR and primer extension reactions at elevated temperatures to obtain a wide range of PCR products up to 20 kb.

Use of Color PfuPlus! DNA Polymerase offers several advantages: visualizes the addition of the polymerase to the reaction, confirms complete mixing, enables direct loading of PCR products onto an agarose gel without addition of a gel loading buffer. The added dyes allow to track electrophoresis progress, do not affect PCR performance, do not interfere with most downstream applications (exeption: the polymerase is not recommended for any downstream application using absorbance or fluorescence excitation).