Taq PCR Master Mix (2x)

cat. no. E2520

Taq PCR Master Mix (2x) is a ready-to-use solution containing Taq DNA Polymerase, optimized reaction buffer, MgCl2 and dNTPs. Use of Taq PCR Master Mix (2x) allows to save time and reduce contamination risk due to fewer pipetting steps during PCR set-up. Taq DNA Polymeraseis a thermostable enzyme from Thermus aquaticus. The enzyme replicates DNA at 74°C and exhibits a half-life of 40 min at 95°C. Catalyzes the polymerization of nucleotides into duplex DNA in the 5´->3´ direction in the presence of magnesium ions. Maintains the 5´->3´ exonuclease activity and lacks the 3´->5´ exonuclease activity. Adds extra A at the 3′ ends. Taq PCR Master Mix (2x) is recommended for use in PCR and primer extension reactions at elevated temperatures to obtain a wide range of DNA products up to 10 kb.