GeneMAGNET Plant DNA Purification Kit

cat. no. E3428

GeneMAGNET Plant DNA Purification Kit is designed for fast and easy purification of total DNA (genomic, mitochondrial and chloroplast) from a wide variety of plant, fungi and lichenes tissues.

Purified DNA is free of contaminants, such as: proteins, lipids, dyes, detergents, organic inhibitors of enzymatic reactions, buffers, salts, divalent cations, among others.
Firstly, plant tissue is homogenized and lysed with the use of the lysis buffer, that also removes the contaminants from the sample. After centrifugation and isopropanol addition, DNA from the solution is bound to silica covered magnetic beads.

The remaining contaminants are washed out during three washes steps. The eluted DNA is ready to use in molecular biology procedures.


GeneMAGNET line is based on the use of silica paramagnetic beads (Magnetic Beads) for selective binding of RNA and DNA. The use of specially designed binding and washing buffers enables the efficient purification of highly pure nucleic acids.