Universal RNA Clean-Up

cat. no. E3589

Universal RNA Clean-Up Kit removes DNA and other contaminants from RNA samples isolated from different sources (animal and plant tissues, bacteria, yeast, blood etc.).

RNA can be purified by phenol-chloroform extraction, spin column or the use of magnetic beads. Nevertheless it is usually contaminated by genomic DNA which affects downstream applications like RT-qPCR or RNAseq. In the first step DNase I and a reaction buffer are added to the RNA sample in order to digest DNA. Then the nucleic acid binding buffer is added to the sample. This buffer inactivates any RNases/DNases present in the sample. During short centrifugation RNA binds selectively to the membrane. Unbound impurities remain in the column flow-through. Traces of contaminants remaining on the membrane are efficiently removed in two wash steps.

The elution of purified RNA is carried out with RNase-free water. Purified nucleic acids have a length of over 25 nt (miRNA) and are free of proteins, nucleases, other impurities and are ready for use in amplification reactions or storage at -20°C.

The use of unique chemical composition of the matrices, in combination with optimized spin-column design and buffers enables the RNA recovery up to 100 %.


Kit content

Content 25 preps
100 preps
DNR II 1.5 ml 6 ml 2-8°C
DNase I (5 U / 1 μl) 275 U 1100 U -20°C
DNase I buffer 100 μl 300 μl 15-25°C
RL 12 ml 48 ml 15-25°C
Wash RNA 27 ml 108 ml 15-25°C
RNase-free water 3 ml 12 ml 15-25°C
RNA Binding Columns 25 szt. 2 x 50 szt 2-8°C
Protocol 1 1