Universal RNA/miRNA Purification Kit

cat. no. E3599

GeneMATRIX Universal RNA/miRNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid purification of total RNA enriched with small RNA molecules, shorter than 200 nucleotides (also miRNA,15-30 nucleotides) or purification small RNA fraction only from animal tissue, plant or cell cultures. Samples are first disrupted, homogenized and lysed in the presence of lysis and denaturing buffers, which inactivates RNases. In the next stage, homogenization spin-columns shear genomic DNA, reducing viscosity of the lysate and eliminating DNA fragments. Addition of ethanol creates the conditions for selective binding of RNA/miRNA to the membrane GeneMATRIX. Then sample is applied to a RNA binding spin-column where all RNA molecules are adsorbed to the matrix and contaminants are efficiently washed away. High-quality RNA is then eluted in RNase-free water. Maximum yields are up to 100 µg total RNA. Isolated RNA/miRNA is ready for downstream applications without the need for ethanol precipitation. The procedure does not require the use of phenol or chloroform.