Band Filtering Tool

cat. no. E0356

Convinient tool in spin-column format for easy and fast DNA bands extraction from TAE-agarose gels. Non DNA binding, suitable for linear and circular DNA molecules, ranging in size from approximately 70 bp to 12 kb. Prepared DNA does not require purification for further processing, including cloning or DNA sequencing. Sample volume up to 600 mg. The efficiency of extraction of DNA fragments drops with the length of DNA. The efficiency of extraction 150 bp fragments reaches 90%, 1000 bp is around 40-50%, plasmid DNA pUC19 (2686 bp) is 20-25%.

For the best preformance to be used in the combination with highly pure Agarose GQT (E0306-100) with quality control certificate (Genetic Quality Tested).

Easy protocol: excise DNA agarose band cutting out the excess of agarose (less excess agarose – less diluted DNA isolate), open the cap of Band Filtering Tool, place the agarose band on the filter, close the cap, spin for 15 min with 5 000 x g. DNA is on the bottom of the tube. It is ready for analysis/manipulations or it can be stored at 2–8°C or (preferred) at -20°C.


Fig 1. Good performance of enzymatic reactions efficiency with DNA isolated from Agarose GQT E0306-100 by Band Filtering Tool E0356 compared to the leading manufacturer.

90 ng of DNA loaded into each gel well.


Fig. 2. Automated fluorescent sequencing results for 500 bp long PCR fragment purified with Band Filtering Tool (14 ng/μl) from 1 % Agarose GQT in TAE electrophoresis buffer.