nr kat. E2116

5′- T C A T G A-3′

3′- A G T A C T-5′

Reaction Temperature: 37°C

Inactivation Temperature (20 min): 80°C

Prototype: BspHI

Isoschizomers: PagI, RcaI

Source: Recombinant. Purified from E. coli strain carrying the cloned BspHI gene.

Package Contents:

  • BspHI
  • 10 x ONE Buffer
  • BSA [100x]

Added as separate component to prevent reaction buffer precipitation.

Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C.

Double Digestion – Buffer Compatibility:

ONE Buffer is compatible with most EURx restriction enzymes.

Restriction Enzyme Buffer Compatibility:

Both, enzyme and buffers are fully compatible to restrictases and buffer systems from other manufacturers and can be used along in double digestions. To obtain best results, consult the corresponding manuals of all involved products.

DNA Methylation:

No Inhibition: dcm, CpG

Blocked by overlaping: dam