GeneMAGNET RNA Purification Kit

cat. no. E3401

GeneMAGNET RNA Purifictation Kit is designed for rapid, thorough isolation and purification of total RNA from a broad variety of sources: animal and human tissues, fungi, cell cultures, bacteria and yeast cells or blood (leukocytes), among others.

Purified RNA is free of contaminants like proteins, nucleases, and other impurities. Samples are first lysed in the presence of a denaturing buffer. Upon lysis buffer addition, cellular RNases are immediately inactivated. The procedure includes enzymatic DNA digestion, the addition of etanol into the lysate enables selective RNA binding onto Magnetic Beads. Prior to elution by RNase-free water, RNA is washed several times. The obtained RNA isolate is ready for downstream application like reverse transcription, RT-qPCR or PCR.

GeneMAGNET line is based on the use of silica paramagnetic beads (Magnetic Beads) for selective binding of RNA and DNA. The use of specially designed binding and washing buffers enables the efficient purification of highly pure nucleic acids.