GeneMAGNET Viral RNA/DNA Purification Kit

cat. no. E3402

GeneMAGNET Viral RNA/DNA Purification Kit is designed for simultaneous isolation of viral RNA and DNA. The procedure is suitable for use with plasma, serum, other cell-free body fluids like milk, but also with human and animal tissues. Samples can be either fresh or frozen, assuming that they have not been frozen and thawed more than once.

The procedure is optimized for use with a starting volume of 200 μl. A simple protocol based on four steps (lysis, binding, washing and elution) minimizes the time of isolation and the possibility of contamination of samples. The addition of carrier RNA supports the binding of even small amounts of viral nucleic acids to the magnetic beads, which are subsequently washed with buffers efficiently removing contaminants that could influence the efficiency of reverse transcription, PCR or qPCR. The elution of purified RNA / DNA is carried out with RNase-free water. Purified nucleic acids are free of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities and are ready for use in amplification reactions or storage at -20°C.

Nucleic acids isolation can be performed in 1.5-2 ml Eppendorf tubes or on 96-well plates with working volume 800 μl. GeneMAGNET Viral RNA/DNA Purification Kit can be used with magnetic stand for tubes or 96-well plates that can be purchased separately.

GeneMAGNET line is based on the use of silica paramagnetic beads (Magnetic Beads) for selective binding of RNA and DNA. The use of specially designed binding and washing buffers enables the efficient purification of highly pure nucleic acids.