Tissue Grinding Tool

cat. no. E0359

Tissue Grinding Tool (TGT) is a convenient tool for disrupting small portions of plant and animal tissues, bacterial, yeast or cell cultures pellets in quantities corresponding to one extraction experiment. The set consists of a 1.5 ml Eppendorf tube containing a small amount of grinding beads and a pestle with a specially adapted shape. The sample can be homogenized in a small amount of lysis buffer or without any additives. In most cases, a better homogenization effect can be obtained by grinding the material in a small volume of lysis solution (50-150 μl). TGT can also be used to disperse centrifugal pellets, precipitates, and other soft solids.

The set is available in two variants differing in type of grinding beads:

E0359a – Zirconia/Silica beads (50% more dense than glass), regular, diameter 0.5 mm. Recommended for spores and most tissues.

E0359b – Garnet sharp particles, diameter 0.3 mm. Recommended for plant and tough tissue, environmental samples, bacterial and yeast pellets.

When ordering, please specify the version a or b next to the product catalog number.

Tissue Grinding Tool