Tissue Grinding Tool

cat. no. E0359

Tissue Grinding Tool (TGT) is a convenient tool for disrupting small portions of plant and animal tissues, bacterial, yeast or cell cultures pellets in quantities corresponding to one prep. TGT can also be used to disperse centrifugal pellets, precipitates, and other soft solids. The set consists of a 1.5 ml Eppendorf tube containing a small amount of grinding beads and a pestle with a specially adapted shape.

The sample can be homogenized without any additives or in the lysis buffer. Enzymes (Rnase A, Proteinase K) required for the nucleic acids isolation can be added directly to the homogenized sample. Grinding beads can be separated from the sample by centrifugation in the bench centrifuge (1 min 5 000 g – 10 000 g).

The set is available in two variants differing in type of grinding beads:

E0359-01; E0359-02 – Zirconia/Silica beads (50% more dense than glass), regular, diameter 0.5 mm. Recommended for spores and most soft tissues. Convinient supplementation for: Tissue DNA Purification Kit (E3550), GeneMAGNET Human and Animal Tissue DNA Purification Kit (E3425).

E0359-03; E0359-04 – Garnet sharp particles, diameter 0.3 mm. Recommended for plant and tough tissue, environmental samples, bacterial and yeast pellets. Convinient supplementation for: Plant & Fungi DNA Purification Kit (E3595), Tissue & Bacterial DNA Purification Kit (E3551), DNA/RNA Extracol Kit (E3750).